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YouTube Marketing

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LinkedIn & Reddit Marketing

LinkedIn is the largest platform for professional networking. Having a reputable presence on LinkedIn not only attracts the best talents to work for you but is also the most effective channel to get business leads and foster better business relationships. Our core focus is on corporate branding and communication. During the initial stage, most would recommend to start with grow your own followers organically. Lack of LinkedIn followers is usually a problem for small local business, unlike global conglomerates. The more followers you have, the more domain authority you are perceived to have and the easier it is for you to attract talents and business leads. We help you on generating and sharing LinkedIn content, endorsements and building connections. If you are not allocating budget for marketing on LinkedIn, you are already missing out on a huge chunk of potential businesses. NorthBound Digital's marketing services are compliant with LinkedIn TOS.

YouTube Marketing

YouTube marketing when done right, can be a cost effective marketing solution for small & medium businesses. YouTube's mass audience means that you can target almost anyone with any particular interest related to your business. Every year more and more hours are being spent watching videos on YouTube. The most important metric that you should be looking for is YouTube subscribers and watch time. The more YouTube subscribers you have, the easier and cheaper it is to reach your customers. Northbound Digital helps you with brainstorming ideas from converting viewers to subscribers and eventual to customers.

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Reddit Marketing

Reddit may not be the easiest place to promote, due to the the strict nature of the platform and also the community. However, when done right, Reddit is a powerful platform that can definitely bring a lot of organic traffic to your business. The only metric that matters on Reddit is upvotes. The higher upvotes you have on your post, the more likely your post will show up on a sub-reddit. While it is ok to buy reddit upvotes, it is important to make sure that the upvotes are coming from aged account with high karma. The higher the karma, the better. Upvotes from zero or little karma accounts are ineffective and may likely cause negative impact to your promotion. If your account has low karma, you can use the /r/upvote sub reddit to boost your karma as well.

Google Business SEO

In this day in age, people go straight to Google when they want to find something in their area or searching for relevant stock market. We know that local small businesses do not have a large marketing budget, so we developed an affordable local SEO package. Here are some examples of the activities Northbound Digital will do to rank your business website higher on Google:

  • Submit citations
  • Set up Google Alerts for the business to track all mentions
  • Obtain locally-relevant links for websites in your area and niche

If you do not have a Google Business listing with at least 4 stars reviews, we suggest to buy un-incentivised Google Business Reviews from qualified providers. Having a good Google Business review is absolutely critical for your business to even compete, let alone stand out. This is true whether you are a restaurant, barber or even a nightclub. Of course, reputable providers must be within Google's TOS.

Just because your business doesn’t have 3k/month to spend on higher search engine rankings doesn’t mean there isn’t a package out there that provides results at affordable rates.

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Reddit may not be the easiest place to promote, due to the the strict nature of the platform and also the community. However, when done right, Reddit is a powerful…
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"Before I started working with Northbound Digital, my restaurant was not ranking in the top 50 for any keywords. After just two months of working together, we are now ranking on the first page in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for more than a dozen keyword phrases. More and more people are visiting our website and leaving good Google Business Reviews!"

John H.

Owner @ Deleece Restaurant

"I have had the pleasure of working with Northbound Digital since its inception and I find the team to be invaluable in our business success on LinkedIn. I have found the LinkedIn followers usually lead to a steady increases in sales. Our customers are leaving great reviews too! Great company and a great team to work with…highly recommended!"

Skye Jordan

Owner @ Hair & Glow

"I wanted to take a moment and let you know how pleased we are. NBD has show great knowledge in regards to YouTube subscribers best practices as well as optimization strategy and management of the our Youtube and Google Business account. Best of all, you have helped us achieve amazing ROI results."

Marie Ramirez

CEO @ Tasty Tattoo

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