We have recently taken over the management of all Facebook advertising campaigns for a customer who knows not much about marketing and does not really believe in marketing, to be honest. All this customer knows is that they can get Facebook page likes for their company. That’s all they’ve been concerned about to date. You saw how many Facebook page Likes your competitor was and was determined to exceed this figure at any cost.

This customer has invested their marketing dollars in Facebook campaigns and AppSally Facebook likes for the last year to increase their Facebook likes and Facebook followers. They are enthusiastic to think that they’ve won the popularity competition every day when they see that the number is growing every day, and finally exceeding their rivals. It theoretically sounds great, right?

Well, guess what? Facebook Likes and Facebook Followers, like any social metric, means nothing if you don’t know what to do! Here’s why.

Just someone Facebook like or is your Facebook follower does not mean they can see the content you post on Facebook, or will even visit your website.

The amount of people who view your content on Facebook without you paying to promote it is regularly decreasing on Facebook’s organic reach. Some experts even predict that organic reach for Facebook pages will ultimately fall to nil. Facebook also occasionally deletes Facebook likes. You compete for space in the news feed of a Facebook user when you think about it. Hundreds of friends and family have posted on it: updates from the vacation of aunt Mary, the pictures of the marriage of cousin Michelle, etc. They see advertising sponsored by companies that are ready to pay for that prime area. And finally, they see other organic posts on their pages and their news is full of cat meme and funny videos!

In short, Facebook doesn’t care if you buy Facebook likes or Facebook followers but what they really want you to do is spend hefty loads of money on Facebook ads.