Reddit may not be the easiest place to promote, due to the the strict nature of the platform and also the community. However, when done right, Reddit is a powerful platform that can definitely bring a lot of organic traffic to your business. The only metric that matters on Reddit is upvotes. The higher upvotes you have on your post, the more likely your post will show up on a sub-reddit.

Buy Reddit Upvotes For Faster Result

Getting upvotes without paying takes time, so if you have the budget it is quicker to just buy upvotes. When buying reddit upvotes, it is important to make sure that the upvotes are coming from aged account with high karma. The higher the karma, the better. Upvotes from zero or little karma accounts are ineffective and may likely cause negative impact to your promotion. Because it is often tricky, we recommend to buy your Reddit upvotes from Appsally due to its strong track record. If your account has low karma, you can use the /r/upvote sub-reddit to boost your karma as well.

Now if you are low on budget, check out these tips from Quora’s How Do I get Free Reddit Upvote.

Free Reddit Upvotes Tip #1: Quality Post

Getting upvotes on Reddit is all about helping users care for anything you’ve got to say. With that in mind, wherever possible to avoid, you should avoid making poor or derogatory posts. Ensure that by checking the terms of use, you stay well away from any threads that fall outside the commonly accepted posting rules for Reddit. Remember, while critiquing Reddit is completely fine, your criticism should be civilian and constructive wherever and whenever possible. Satirical posting is the only exception to this strict rule.

Free Reddit Upvotes Tip #2: Karma Bomb

“Karma bomb” happens quickly after that comment is posted when you respond to a possible top comment. If the comment receives a lot of upvotes, because of its closer proximity, your response may also receive upvotes. You may need to make sure that you can gage the probability of a comment actually receiving a lot of positive reactions in order to work with this strategy. It can take time and practice to do this process so be patient.

Free Reddit Upvotes Tip #3: Better Titles

Reddit creates links based on the titles the original poster designs. This means you should think carefully about your chosen headlines. Remember, the context you provide for the title will help set the tone of the overall discussion. It’s a good idea for Reddit to use humor wherever you can in your titles. Often the posts are surprising and insightful.