The short answer for this, no. Simply because nobody likes fake reviews. The long answer for this, maybe it depends. When is buying Google reviews a good idea?

In this day in age, people go straight to Google when they want to find something in their area. We know that local small businesses do not have a large marketing budget, so we developed an affordable local SEO package. Here are some examples of the activities Northbound Digital will do to rank your business website higher on Google:

  • Submit citations
  • Set up Google Alerts for the business to track all mentions
  • Obtain locally-relevant links for websites in your area and niche

However, it is pointless to rank first for a search term, if you had zero or a below average Google reviews. Having a good Google Business review is absolutely critical for your business to even compete, let alone stand out. This is true whether you are a restaurant, barber or even a nightclub. So what can you do?

Free Google Reviews to Jumpstart

If you are a new business, with zero customers, how do you get your first customer? If you do not have any customers, who is going to leave a review on your Google Business page? None. That’s when you get free reviews from services like ReviewSub. The service allows you to exchange free reviews with other businesses so nobody needs to spend a dime. It is important to be ethical about exchanging free reviews. Make sure your business is genuine, and you provide good quality service.

Buy Google Reviews to fix negative reviews

Sometimes you get sabotaged by your competitors via fake Google negative reviews. It can be very obvious if the reviews looks similar, or there is a sudden increase in negative reviews. Google takes a very long time to respond to requests to take down these fake reviews. You can still flag the reviews, but it’s often faster if you buy Google reviews to at least get your average rating above average. That’s when you can buy some Google Business reviews from qualified service providers to jumpstart your first few reviews. We recommend AppSally because it is a marketplace of multi providers, so you get the best providers for the reviews.

If the negative reviews are genuine, you can should try to convince your customers to delete their Google review. Listen to what your customer has to say in the review, then offer to fix their problem, refund or replace the purchase are some of the strategies that you can use.

When NOT to buy Google Reviews

The simple answer for this is for any reason apart from what is stated above! Do not buy Google reviews to sabotage your competitors. It is simply unethical. You should spend more time polishing up your business rather than focus on your competition. Also do not buy reviews simply to get more reviews. Having large numbers of reviews may appear artificial, not to mention the incremental benefits of having more reviews are negligible. Focus on your business, not on your reviews.