How to get Free Reddit Upvotes

Reddit may not be the easiest place to promote, due to the the strict nature of the platform and also the community. However, when done right, Reddit is a powerful platform that can definitely bring a lot of organic traffic to your business. The only metric that matters on Reddit is upvotes. The higher upvotes you have on your post, the more likely your post will show up on a sub-reddit.

Buy Reddit Upvotes For Faster Result

Getting upvotes without paying takes time, so if you have the budget it is quicker to just buy upvotes. When buying reddit upvotes, it is important to make sure that the upvotes are coming from aged account with high karma. The higher the karma, the better. Upvotes from zero or little karma accounts are ineffective and may likely cause negative impact to your promotion. Because it is often tricky, we recommend to buy your Reddit upvotes from due to its strong track record. If your account has low karma, you can use the /r/upvote sub-reddit to boost your karma as well.

Now if you are low on budget, check out these tips from Quora’s How Do I get Free Reddit Upvote.

Free Reddit Upvotes Tip #1: Quality Post

Getting upvotes on Reddit is all about helping users care for anything you’ve got to say. With that in mind, wherever possible to avoid, you should avoid making poor or derogatory posts. Ensure that by checking the terms of use, you stay well away from any threads that fall outside the commonly accepted posting rules for Reddit. Remember, while critiquing Reddit is completely fine, your criticism should be civilian and constructive wherever and whenever possible. Satirical posting is the only exception to this strict rule.

Free Reddit Upvotes Tip #2: Karma Bomb

“Karma bomb” happens quickly after that comment is posted when you respond to a possible top comment. If the comment receives a lot of upvotes, because of its closer proximity, your response may also receive upvotes. You may need to make sure that you can gage the probability of a comment actually receiving a lot of positive reactions in order to work with this strategy. It can take time and practice to do this process so be patient.

Free Reddit Upvotes Tip #3: Better Titles

Reddit creates links based on the titles the original poster designs. This means you should think carefully about your chosen headlines. Remember, the context you provide for the title will help set the tone of the overall discussion. It’s a good idea for Reddit to use humor wherever you can in your titles. Often the posts are surprising and insightful.

Should you buy Google Reviews?

The short answer for this, no. Simply because nobody likes fake reviews. The long answer for this, maybe it depends. When is buying Google reviews a good idea?

In this day in age, people go straight to Google when they want to find something in their area. We know that local small businesses do not have a large marketing budget, so we developed an affordable local SEO package. Here are some examples of the activities Northbound Digital will do to rank your business website higher on Google:

  • Submit citations
  • Set up Google Alerts for the business to track all mentions
  • Obtain locally-relevant links for websites in your area and niche

However, it is pointless to rank first for a search term, if you had zero or a below average Google reviews. Having a good Google Business review is absolutely critical for your business to even compete, let alone stand out. This is true whether you are a restaurant, barber or even a nightclub. So what can you do?

Free Google Reviews to Jumpstart

If you are a new business, with zero customers, how do you get your first customer? If you do not have any customers, who is going to leave a review on your Google Business page? None. That’s when you get free reviews from services like ReviewSub. The service allows you to exchange free reviews with other businesses so nobody needs to spend a dime. It is important to be ethical about exchanging free reviews. Make sure your business is genuine, and you provide good quality service.

Buy Google Reviews to fix negative reviews

Sometimes you get sabotaged by your competitors via fake Google negative reviews. It can be very obvious if the reviews looks similar, or there is a sudden increase in negative reviews. Google takes a very long time to respond to requests to take down these fake reviews. You can still flag the reviews, but it’s often faster if you buy Google reviews to at least get your average rating above average. That’s when you can buy some Google Business reviews from qualified service providers such as AppSally to jumpstart your first few reviews. We recommend AppSally because it is a marketplace of multi providers, so you get the best providers for the reviews.

If the negative reviews are genuine, you can should try to convince your customers to delete their Google review. Listen to what your customer has to say in the review, then offer to fix their problem, refund or replace the purchase are some of the strategies that you can use.

When NOT to buy Google Reviews

The simple answer for this is for any reason apart from what is stated above! Do not buy Google reviews to sabotage your competitors. It is simply unethical. You should spend more time polishing up your business rather than focus on your competition. Also do not buy reviews simply to get more reviews. Having large numbers of reviews may appear artificial, not to mention the incremental benefits of having more reviews are negligible. Focus on your business, not on your reviews.

Free DIY Website Audit

Hi everyone!

I am proud to release my newest guide – “60 Minutes to an SEO-Friendly Business Website: How to Perform Your Own Website Audit for Free“.

I put together this guide to help all the small business owners here in Chicago who need SEO help, but don’t have the budget to hire someone or the expertise to do it themselves. With this straightforward DIY guide, you can easily follow along and go through it section-by-section to turn your business website into a search-friendly traffic generator. The best part? It only takes an hour and everything in the guide is free!

To download the guide, right-click on the image below and click “Save link as…” and it will save to your computer. To simply read the guide, left-click on the image.

If you know anyone who could use some website help, please share this with them. I want this guide to help as many people as possible.

SEO Audit

Are you tired of being outranked by unworthy competitors? You need a Professional SEO Audit!

Our audits provide a crystal-clear path to better search engine rankings. We address all the key SEO ranking factors, from Title and ALT tags all the way down to your social visibility and link profile. After we provide our analysis, we present our recommendations with actionable steps for you to easily implement the changes.

We recommend an audit if:

  • You don’t have the time or expertise to properly diagnose your website’s problems.
  • You want your website to generate more traffic, targeted leads, and more sales.
  • Less-worthy competitors are outranking you, and you don’t know why.
  • You have been using an SEO company, and want to know if they are doing a good job or not.
  • You used an SEO company in the past, and aren’t sure if they helped or hurt your site.
  • You have been hit by a Google penalty, and can’t figure out why.

Audit Deliverables Include:

SEO Audit PDF – The completed audit is delivered in an easy-to-read PDF document. We deliver a 30+ page PDF that outlines everything you need to do to turn your site into a search-friendly machine.

Keyword Research Document – We use our keyword tool to find the top keywords in your niche. No more wondering which keyword phrases to target with this document.

If you are a local business with a physical address, we also provide:

Citation Report – A complete list of the citations you already have, as well as potential citations to obtain. Citations are one of the top ranking factors for local businesses, so it is important to have more of them than the competition!

Google+ Local Report – Google is making Google+ Local more and more important to its ranking algorithm. This report shows your search terms, comparison of search term competitiveness, and how you stack up against the competition in Google+ Local.


$400 – Sites under 500 pages

$600 – Sites with 500-1000 pages

$1250 – Sites with 1,000-5,000 pages

For sites larger than 5,000 pages, please contact us for a custom quote.

All audits have a turnaround time of 10 days after payment is received.

Additionally, every audit comes with one hour of consulting after delivery for you to ask any questions or receive further guidance on a specific issue.

How It Works

Let’s say you are considering Northbound Digital as your SEO company. Of course we think this is the right choice, but we know you are going to want to know more about what exactly is going to happen.

The first step towards becoming a search engine traffic behemoth is getting in touch with us. There are multiple ways to do this: our contact form, sending us an email, calling us at 888-234-3985, or requesting a free SEO quote for your site over in the right sidebar. We love talking to businesses about their websites and how to make them better, even if they don’t end up as a client.

Since every business is unique, we offer some different options:

OPTION 1:  The first option we offer is an hourly rate where you tell us what you would like us to work on (content creation, keyword lists, guest posts, etc.) or provide your business (ranking reports, website audit reports) that month, then we bill you at the end of the month. We have reasonable hourly rates and this option allows you to set the maximum hours we’re allowed to work on your SEO each month so that we never exceed your budget. For example, you could request we create a guide for your business website and set the max. hours for the month at 10. We will work on the guide and bill you on the hours worked – never exceeding 10. You could also request a website audit and meta description changes and set your max. hours for the month at 2, and we will provide the information requested without going over the 2 hour allotment. This option allows you the flexibility to request all kinds of different internet marketing options for your business at a price that works for your business.

OPTION 2:  The second option is a one-time, per project quote. Northbound Digital will look over your business website and diagnose any problems. We will provide a proposal detailing what we will do to fix your website and turn it into a search-friendly, efficient, easy-to-navigate site that your customers and clients find pleasant to visit. This option is great for the business that needs internet marketing help but isn’t sure exactly what they want or need. Northbound Digital provides the quote and suggested time frame for the partnership.

OPTION 3:  The third option is the low-cost, low maintenance SEO packagewe created – Chicago Local Rank. It is only $75 a month, and provides all these benefits: increased search traffic, monthly traffic and ranking reports, website performance monitoring, and access to Northbound Digital for any questions about search marketing you might have. This is the ideal package for small business owners who need SEO help but don’t have the time or knowledge to implement the changes.

OPTION 4:  The last option is a one-time SEO consult at a slightly higher hourly rate than option 1. If you would like us to give your website a complete audit and provide recommendations on how to make your website attract more search traffic, this option is for you. We provide a thorough report with everything neatly laid out so that you can begin implementing the recommendations immediately.

We look forward to working with you and your company in the months and years ahead!

Inbound Marketing

Northbound Digital does not consider itself just an SEO company, but rather, a full-blown inbound marketing firm that will help your business website get traffic from a wide variety of sources. While much of the work we do can be considered SEO work, such as making sure your website is technically sound and has a good content strategy, simply calling Northbound Digital an SEO firm would be discounting all the other work we perform to get your business noticed online.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The definition of inbound marketing is “the process of earning the interest of visitors and customers rather than buying it. Unlike paid advertising, the cost of distribution of inbound marketing tends to be zero since the visitors and customers share it instead because they believe it’s worth sharing. It’s earned attention.”

Not Just Increasing Traffic, But Making Your Business Website Better

Our favorite forms of inbound marketing are blogs and content marketing, social networks, and email marketing. Blogs and content marketing are incredibly valuable to small business websites because they are a great way to get noticed through creative means.

We know that every business is unique, so we tailor each marketing strategy to fit the needs of the client to yield optimum results. We will study your industry and target market inside and out. Our goal is to build an inbound marketing funnel to your business website that will provide it with website traffic not only tomorrow, but months and years down the road.