Let’s say you are considering Northbound Digital as your SEO company. Of course we think this is the right choice, but we know you are going to want to know more about what exactly is going to happen.

The first step towards becoming a search engine traffic behemoth is getting in touch with us. There are multiple ways to do this: our contact form, sending us an email, calling us at 888-234-3985, or requesting a free SEO quote for your site over in the right sidebar. We love talking to businesses about their websites and how to make them better, even if they don’t end up as a client.

Since every business is unique, we offer some different options:

OPTION 1:  The first option we offer is an hourly rate where you tell us what you would like us to work on (content creation, keyword lists, guest posts, etc.) or provide your business (ranking reports, website audit reports) that month, then we bill you at the end of the month. We have reasonable hourly rates and this option allows you to set the maximum hours we’re allowed to work on your SEO each month so that we never exceed your budget. For example, you could request we create a guide for your business website and set the max. hours for the month at 10. We will work on the guide and bill you on the hours worked – never exceeding 10. You could also request a website audit and meta description changes and set your max. hours for the month at 2, and we will provide the information requested without going over the 2 hour allotment. This option allows you the flexibility to request all kinds of different internet marketing options for your business at a price that works for your business.

OPTION 2:  The second option is a one-time, per project quote. Northbound Digital will look over your business website and diagnose any problems. We will provide a proposal detailing what we will do to fix your website and turn it into a search-friendly, efficient, easy-to-navigate site that your customers and clients find pleasant to visit. This option is great for the business that needs internet marketing help but isn’t sure exactly what they want or need. Northbound Digital provides the quote and suggested time frame for the partnership.

OPTION 3:  The third option is the low-cost, low maintenance SEO packagewe created – Chicago Local Rank. It is only $75 a month, and provides all these benefits: increased search traffic, monthly traffic and ranking reports, website performance monitoring, and access to Northbound Digital for any questions about search marketing you might have. This is the ideal package for small business owners who need SEO help but don’t have the time or knowledge to implement the changes.

OPTION 4:  The last option is a one-time SEO consult at a slightly higher hourly rate than option 1. If you would like us to give your website a complete audit and provide recommendations on how to make your website attract more search traffic, this option is for you. We provide a thorough report with everything neatly laid out so that you can begin implementing the recommendations immediately.

We look forward to working with you and your company in the months and years ahead!