Northbound Digital does not consider itself just an SEO company, but rather, a full-blown inbound marketing firm that will help your business website get traffic from a wide variety of sources. While much of the work we do can be considered SEO work, such as making sure your website is technically sound and has a good content strategy, simply calling Northbound Digital an SEO firm would be discounting all the other work we perform to get your business noticed online.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The definition of inbound marketing is “the process of earning the interest of visitors and customers rather than buying it. Unlike paid advertising, the cost of distribution of inbound marketing tends to be zero since the visitors and customers share it instead because they believe it’s worth sharing. It’s earned attention.”

Not Just Increasing Traffic, But Making Your Business Website Better

Our favorite forms of inbound marketing are blogs and content marketing, social networks, and email marketing. Blogs and content marketing are incredibly valuable to small business websites because they are a great way to get noticed through creative means.

We know that every business is unique, so we tailor each marketing strategy to fit the needs of the client to yield optimum results. We will study your industry and target market inside and out. Our goal is to build an inbound marketing funnel to your business website that will provide it with website traffic not only tomorrow, but months and years down the road.